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Online Appointment

KareXpert’s Online Appointment lets patients to take appointments in real-time without visiting clinic.

KareXpert’s Online Appointment allows any patient to take appointment in real-time without visiting clinic. Patient can choose available time slot for a particular doctor. Patient can also cancel their appointment at anytime which increases patient satisfaction by reducing  their waiting time in queueus.

However, patient get sms notifications for every successful appointment booking or rescheduling. Reminders can also be scheduled for alerts for appointment booking.


SMS Notifications

Notifications helps patient to know about successfull appointment booking or cancellation.

Manages Patient Information

Patient information is stored on cloud and can be viewed by doctor for next patient.

Remote Access

Patient can book online appointment for a particular doctor without visiting clinic.


24x7 Patient Online Services

Patients can book online appointment at any time and from anywhere.

Saves Time & Money

Since patients don’t have to visit clinic for booking an appointment. This saves their time and money both.

Higher Patient Satisfaction

Patients don’t have to wait in long queues for their turn. They can schedule remainders for booked appointment.

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